Next generation sealing solutions

Proudly introducing the latest development in our sealing solutions that enable you to enhance your designs and keep your products strong and waterproof.

Never let your brand be washed out

Innovation our way is always durable. Read more about how we can help you with logos and prints.

No detail must fail

when a burning building could collapse from one second to another. We had a closer look at what it takes to handle such extreme situations.

From top to bottom and back again.

How a premium brand of children's rainwear suddenly fell from top to bottom in waterproofing tests. And how we fixed it.

What is your
biggest challenge?

At LOXY we thrive on challenges. Like helping a brand go from last to first place in consumer ratings. Or avoiding a complete stop for the Norwegian offshore industry.

A total quality commitment

When quality and safety cannot be compromised and lives depend on performance, LOXY stands behind you and your brand.

I just made my mind up

This was what I wanted. In the mountains I have learned a lot about the strong forces of nature, and I think my experience from a life in the mountains has helped me keep calm and not be frightened.

Every inch reliable

When a garment is sewn together, the seams will always be its
weak point. Not only will the seams make
the fabric more sensitive to wear and tear,
they will also let humidity in.

Keeps getting the job done

Since the world is often a dark place, being visible can be a life
saver. Reflective tape from LOXY comes
in all shapes and sizes. Our tape is
made to be heat pressed or sewn
into place.


Each sport has its own specifics. Different sports have different demands in terms of function and technology, to achieve top performance. That’s natural enough; every sport needs garments made to fit its own conditions.


The Norwegian nature is demanding, which has shaped who we are. Road construction, fishing, and more recently oil recovery, are only a few examples of tough lines of work with equally tough demands. Providing the details that make professional clothing sturdy and reliable, LOXY is part of the drama.


The medtech sector is one with truly high demands when it comes to reliability. Dealing with people’s personal security is extremely sensitive, and being a supplier means being meticulous all the way.


Safety and visibility by Loxy AS during Ladies Tour of Norway

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Keeping you warm during watersports

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A+A Düsseldorf, Germany Nov 05 2019 Düsseldorf, Germany

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Found a LOXY tag in your garment?

What does a LOXY hangtag in your jacket or
survival suit imply? Simply put, that the
brand you rely on is concerned about
details that will make your garment
deliver year after year.

Our Quality commitment

When quality and safety cannot be compromised,
and lives count on performance,
Loxy® stands behind you
and your brand.

Details that matter

Even big pictures are all about the details, because nothing is ever stronger than its weakest point. At LOXY we know that only the closest attention to detail will do the trick. Whether it’s work, sports, or medtech, we provide the details and the knowledge that make products endure extreme situations.

Where and when needed

Though doubtlessly Norwegian, we make sure to be where our clients are. It’s a strong tradition of ours to be creative, and global presence is part of the solution. But LOXY is still small enough to have short decision making processes.

Shaped by Norway

Interaction between man and nature has its unique prerequisites wherever you are. In our case, the inspiration we get from our origin runs deep. The blue sea. The sun that never sets in the summer, and barely rises during winter. And the mountains, known to us locals as the keel.

The importance of being good

LOXY has healthy, long-term relationships with a number of clients and partners. The earth itself is among them. We want to do everything we can to leave a good footprint on earth. To this end, we have made sure that we have all the relevant certifications.