Can you afford to put your brand at risk?

Loxy_business_sportReally waterproof or not? Reflectives that disappears in the laundry? Premium products that suddenly disappoint their owners will cost your brand dearly.

When you use LOXY seam sealing tapes and reflectives in your products, our knowledge comes built-in. Knowledge and many years of experience from the most demanding applications, ensure proven solutions and life long functionality of your premium products.

Despite the fact that LOXY is one of the worlds leading providers in our field, our organization is very swift and non-hierarchical. For our clients this means firsthand access to training, R&D and logistics.

LOXY offers the best from two worlds – edge quality products and world class development & support.


Every inch reliable – SEAM SEALING TAPE AND FILM

Keeps getting the job done – REFLECTIVE TAPES