LOXY seal tapes fulfill some of the toughest requirements in the world, through Öko-Tex standard 100 [certificate Ö 05-136] and BlueSign [certificate 020.431.003].

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bluesignIt’s important to be good economic and environmental stewards, as the resources of our natural world are largely limited. That means it is in our hands to ensure we maintain a healthy environment with responsible use of those raw materials.

Loxy, like many other parts of the textile industry, has worked with Bluesign for years to evaluate and reduce resource consumption as the materials (including bonding films and finishes) used within our production lines are screened to meet strict control.

Unlike other labels related to “eco-friendly” processes, the Bluesign standard address a range of environmental and safety issues throughout textile production, including chemical processes, emissions, resource management and more. While many textile standards focus on the products that must not be used, Bluesign certifies substances that have been rigorously tested against negative and harmful effects in relation to humans and the environment as well as the responsible and efficient use of resources.

Defining the Bluesign Standard

Bluesign audits the energy, water and chemical uses of its members not only to help those members
(like Loxy) to achieve continuous optimization of production lines but also to reduce their carbon footprint and achieve optimal, long-term environmental improvement.

When working with Bluesign, members agree to follow standards and establish management systems to improve the environment performance of their production centers in five primary areas of the manufacturing process:

• Resource Productivity
• Consumer Safety
• Water Emissions/Use
• Air Emissions
• Occupational Health & Safety

As a member, Loxy is required to report progress and continued improvement goals to maintain status once standard certification is achieved. In addition, Bluesign continues to audit members to ensure that each member meets minimum standards.

Production processes that are configured for maximum resource productivity, with minimal waste and a view of environment protection (including health and safety) represent an assurance that manufacturers and retailers are working toward reducing environmental impact, sustainability and responsible operations. Without a doubt, Bluesign is helping manufacturers like Loxy operate more efficiently while providing safer products and services. Most notably is the widespread standard to remove and exclude substances from manufacturing and production that can be potentially hazardous to the environment and the health of consumers.

Bluesign certification provides the knowledge and peace of mind that manufacturers like Loxy are providing maximum consumer and environmental protection without sacrificing quality.

Why Loxy Embraces Bluesign

Loxy products are an integral part of the product process for garment suppliers. Bluesign is embraced not only to improve the operations of Loxy but also to give confidence to our partners. A range of ecological scandals from other companies with a growing issue of resource scarcity in some industries have brought the issue of harmful and negligent production practices to the attention of consumers. Technology has made it easier to report on the appearance of harmful substances in textiles and especially in production methods that harm the environment.

Bluesign lets our partners rest assured that in no way will the production processes and materials from Loxy damage their reputation. As a member of Bluesign, Loxy is held to high standards of economic stability, efficient resource management and safe textile production.

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