LOXY seal tapes fulfill some of the toughest requirements in the world, through Öko-Tex standard 100 [certificate Ö 05-136] and BlueSign [certificate 020.431.003].

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ISO 6330

Test methods for ISO 6330 include ten different washing procedures based on variable equipment including front loading machines or 11 different procedures using top-loaders with agitators. In addition, the test utilizes five drying procedures that includes:

• Line drying
• Drop dry
• Flat dry
• Flat press
• And tumble dry

Defining ISO 6330
ISO6330 is used as a standard measure for domestic washing. ISO6330 however is not a reliable indicator for wash methods and garment performance using industrial washing and finishing methods. For industrial washing, garments are tested using ISO 15797.

ISO 6330 Test Methods
To perform a complete ISO 6330 test, the testing facility or agency runs the garment or specimen in an automatic washing machine and is dried according to specified procedures. The standard washing procedure gauges the ability of the garment or specimen to withstand normal drying using common detergents. Once washing is completed the tumble dry is used in order to determine the drying capacity of the garment or specimen.

The Need for Domestic and Industrial Testing
ISO 6330 is used to outline standards for fabric and materials that are not suitable for industrial washing, which applies harsh chemicals and variable handling methods which can damage clothing, garments and other materials in part or in whole.

Often ISO 6330 covers work wear and safety garments is bonding films, which often can’t tolerate the higher temperatures and chemicals used in industrial washing. With Loxy lines, another example is reflect surfaces which can quickly lose their finish and reflective power if put through unnecessary industrial washing.

Why ISO 6330
ISo 6330 helps certify the standards that companies like Loxy set on their garment and clothing lines as well as the materials they provide to garment manufacturers. At Loxy, we focus on setting the standard in quality and as such we maintain strict adherence to minimum requirements in:

• Fabric strength
• Thread and seam durability
• Colour performance
• Colour fastness
• Physical performance

ISO 6330 tests all materials per our recommended settings and certifies that the products are safe for domestic washing without serious or potential degradation due to recommended wash settings. Our requirements on materials, safety garments and other accessories are intended to promote consistency in work wear and other fabrics supplied to our partners – specifically to make our partners aware of the various properties of our materials and fabrics, garments, etc. and to keep this information in mind when utilizing those materials and fabrics to design garments.

For additional information on which products and materials are ISO 6330 standard, please refer to the technical data sheets or contact us today to speak with a representative for Loxy.